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Fix Your Data Security’s Weak Points Before They’re Exploited

Our comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment empowers you to safeguard your business effectively.

Why choose Manawa for cyber risk assessments?

  • Gain peace of mind with our thorough cybersecurity risk assessments, designed by certified professionals
  • Improve your security posture with risk assessment services aligned with ISO 27001, CIS, and NIST standards
  • Avoid costly security breaches with our methodical approach reducing IT issues by 50% on average
  • Save resources by leveraging our 15+ years of expertise in conducting successful cybersecurity risk assessments
  • Drive your security strategy with our vCIO services, included in our cybersecurity risk assessment offering

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Client Success Stories

Absolutely fantastic service! My requests were handled with a friendly and helpful approach. They even followed up to ensure installation and changes worked. Trustworthy and top-notch! Value-added performance indeed.

Richard McQuillin - Yorkshire Valley Group

What an incredible experience! They nailed my first request, and without hesitation, aced the second too within the same call. This avoided any hassle of extra tickets, solving my issue instantly. Enormous thanks for their friendly and efficient service. A great mix of customer care and technical know-how.

Sylvanna Acosta - PIRET Management

Manawa’s service is incredible! They went the extra mile even after work hours to save me a day before a crucial trade show. An Outlook glitch had me panicked, but their assistance was a lifesaver. 10+ for outstanding customer service! The epitome of going above and beyond.

Suzanne Kehren - Freightcom

Derek and his team have been our rock since 2018, consistently delivering exceptional customer service. Grateful beyond words! Thanks a million.

Elaine Bedell - Canadian Venture Capital Association

Derek is a true gem! He continues to exceed expectations, providing impeccable service for all my needs. We are always delighted that he can swiftly resolve our issues with expertise. A heartfelt thank you for going the extra mile! Truly a long-term relationship reaching back as far as 2018.

Georgia Chatzidakis - PIRET Management LP

Wow, lightning-fast response! Service and results couldn't be better. Thrilled beyond words, the Manawa has a team we can completely trust and we can focus on our business with ease.

Andy Mcinnis - Steel Fire Equipment Ltd

Manal, you're a star! Your promptness and positivity blew me away. Exceeded expectations in every way. Forever grateful for this incredible team!

Paul Evered - Operation Smile Canada

Huge relief! Computer's back to normal, thanks to you. They have easy open lines to get in touch with their experts! Your help is greatly appreciated!

Luke Ionico - Studio M/Unified Content

The Manawa Team is full of rockstars! Despite ongoing hardware glitches, their thoroughness and expertise shone. Trust them completely to resolve issues like this. Big thanks for the stellar assistance!

Salina Rajani - Coinberry

John's a gem! His professionalism, speed, and friendly approach are unbeatable. IT troubles vanish effortlessly with him around. Lifesaver for sure!

Marina Krtinic - Almega Asset Management

Manawa’s always on the ball when I call for support. My issues usually get solved by the end of the call, and their team is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Doris Noe

We have used Manawa for 4 years now and will never go back to having an internal IT person. Their responsiveness is nothing short of impressive. We can call, text, or email Manawa with ANY type of problem and he will fix it. But beyond that, Manawa covers the entire spectrum of IT issues; they approach the small problems with PATIENCE and understanding, and the big problems with knowledge and simplified explanations. Jamie and Manawa make my job easier and I would recommend them for any business looking for an IT support solution.

Kim Jeysman

Having used the services of Manawa Networks for some 10 years, we are always very please with the service and levels of expertise. Manawa has always, and will continue to be, our "go to" tech resource - whether our issue(s) is serious or "inane".

Stanley Cooper

Waking up to find out your business has been hit by a data breach is never good news. Manawa’s security experts stopped the breach and took extra steps to make sure my data was protected. Thanks for coming to my rescue!

Ralph Horton

Manawa’s managed IT services really helped my business. My Oakville office is no longer getting hit by outages, and is now more productive. Thanks, guys!

Lillian Marshall

I have to give the Manawa team five stars because they’re literally IT magicians. Thanks to their managed IT services, my Vaughan office no longer has to deal with issues or downtime.

Aaron Waid

Why Choose Manawa's Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services


Years conducting cyber risk assessments


Reduction in reactive issues with IT support


Early contract termination option

Unlock Superior Protection with Manawa

Cyber Risk Assessments

Boost Your Security Confidence

Amplify your confidence knowing your cybersecurity posture is rock solid. 

Leveraging our cybersecurity risk assessment, you'll uncover and neutralize threats before they even emerge. Picture this: your systems are fortified, your data remains untouchable, and your business continues to thrive unhindered by digital threats. 

You'll be harnessing a level of security that's been perfected over the years. 

Numbers don't lie – businesses partnering with us have witnessed a significant reduction in IT incidents. Your journey to unassailable cybersecurity starts here.

Harness the Power of Compliance

Imagine effortlessly clearing those rigorous compliance audits, no sweat, no fuss. 

Our cybersecurity risk assessment does just that. You'll meet and exceed industry standards, whether it's ISO 27001, CIS, or NIST. Get your team and infrastructure on the same page about regulatory compliance. 

Empower your organization with a security framework that adheres to international best practices. Now that's security and peace of mind.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services
Cyber Risk Assessment

Maximize Business Efficiency

Visualize your operations running smoothly without the constant worry of cyber threats. 

That's the power of effective cybersecurity risk assessment. By identifying potential vulnerabilities and remedying them, you'll minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and drive business growth. 

By choosing us, you're not just selecting a service. You're investing in an experienced partner committed to delivering exceptional value. Your business deserves nothing less.

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Cyber Risk Assessment FAQs


Our cybersecurity risk assessment is like a health check for your business's digital security. 

We deep dive into your existing security measures, uncover potential vulnerabilities, and provide strategic recommendations. 

This process is a key part of ensuring your data and systems remain untouchable.

In the continuously evolving digital arena, a periodic reassessment of cybersecurity risks is indispensable. 

An annual review is a general guideline; however, adopting a new technological system, undergoing substantial transformations, or experiencing a security breach warrants immediate evaluation.

We're committed to making our assessments as unobtrusive as possible, causing zero hindrance to your business's efficiency. 

Our operations are designed to adapt to your timetable, minimizing any disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Our cybersecurity risk assessment is designed not just to meet, but to exceed industry benchmarks, facilitating smooth compliance audits. 

Our focus is firmly on harmonizing your security measures with global best practices and stringent regulations such as CyberSecure Canada, ISO 27001, CIS, and NIST, providing a peace of mind you can count on.

Post-assessment, we offer a comprehensive report delineating your security status and highlighting potential vulnerabilities. 

But our assistance does not cease there. We extend strategic counsel to fortify your cybersecurity measures and provide enduring support to ensure your enterprise maintains an impregnable defense against cyber threats.